A Few Thoughts about the Oscars

Since the nominations came out this morning, I feel compelled to comment on some interesting selections… I’m not going to hit on each nomination, or split hairs, or anything else so trivial (I have no say in how the Academy votes, so what’s the point going there, eh?), but there are some selections that I feel deserve a few words.

Woody Harrelson, Supporting Actor for “The Messenger.” A role that was far overshadowed by his turn in “Zombieland,” it is a role I would not have originally seen him in.

“District 9” for Best Picture. I consider this a longshot, partially because it falls into the “genre” category that the awards tend to shy away from… but it’s produced by Peter Jackson, so that alone helps give it a shot.

Along the genre lines, there had been talk for most of the year about “Star Trek” having a shot at a Best Picture nod. While there were several technical nominations (visual effects, sound editing, etc.), no Picture nod.

I’m not surprised at some of the nods – “Hurt Locker” has been doing well at the awards, and Cristoph Waltz has been getting lots of attention for his role in “Inglorious Basterds.” Similarly, “Up” was mentioned as having a shot at a Best Picture nod [which it got] now that the field has been expanded.

My two cents, on how I think some of the voting may go: I’m hedging my bet towards Waltz getting Supporting Actor, but I would like to see Matt Damon get an acting trophy to go with his writing statue. I’m hoping “Coraline” can pull out an upset, but I fear that “Up” may take Animated Feature before losing out in the Best Picture category. Beyond those, I’m keepingthe rest of my opinions to myself.

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