Another NaNo has come and gone, and while I fell far short of the event’s 50k goal, I fell closer to it this year than I have in my past attempts, so I have at least fallen forward. To this end, that now gives me two that are somewhere in the middling throes of a first draft.

And this year’s project has some more latent potential that I found as I was typing up several pages earlier this week – scenes that are suggested but had been skipped while in the moment – and several other shorter scenes that are on the boiler-plate, waiting for me to continue.

The fun part is that I intend on continuing with both projects (the one I have been writing for class, and the one that I put on hold for the class) over the next few months, and hope to have two completed 1st drafts in time for summer.

Then, between editing those two, I plan to start working on the thesis in earnest (using some of the time this spring to do some planning as well… more on that later…)

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