November and NaNo…

The last (almost) month has been something of a blur, swallowed up between the day job, some weekend trips, and life in general. And somewhere in there, I’ve been logging several thousand words towards my class project for the semester.

The class, which is shadowing the conceits behind NaNoWriMo (only, a much lower word count goal), has been a mixed blessing for me. A lot of the apprehensions that I had going into the class have started poking their heads (beaks, noses, claws and fingers) my direction… which goes to show that if you worry about something, you’re bound to make it happen (read: law of attraction, anyone?) But they have been driving me (mentally, anyway), towards that cliff of commitment, where I have been playing chicken with a security officer (remember the scene in the 2009 Star Trek movie, where the car goes over the cliff?)… I’ve been wanting to write, and fighting through the moments at night to hammer out some form of word count instead of letting the days fliter by.

Sadly, however, after a couple of missed days and other days of getting “close-but-not-quite” for the word count goals, I’m teetering on the bubble of being behind the power curve and really behind the curve. And while NaNo continues to the end of the month, I only have about ten days to get to and exceed my class goal, before I go away for a vacation. Any writing I do during that time will probably not be towards the class project, unless I get a wild hair to do some editing, instead of working on a seperate project (in addition to keeping a trip journal).

And that is how I am anticipating spending my weekend, dragging the tip of a pen across dozens of pages of beautiful yellow paper, cramming the lines with words in an effort to bring myself somewhere respectably close to quota.

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