Double Feature…

While the intro to RHPS spins through my mind at the moment (“Science-fiction, double feature show….”), Mary Catherine and I did just that today, sort of.  Her parents were in town for the weekend, and we had talked earlier in the week about going to a movie after her parents left.

We had planned to see Wolverine, but got to the theatre about 5-10 minutes after the screening would have started, so we opted for Star Trek – a screening time about 5-10 minutes after our arrival (to facilitate a pit stop before the movie, having just come from lunch).
Star Trek was definitely worth the hype… I think it did very well with the existing canon, bringing in a lot of the quirks that some of the original series actors demonstrated (like Bones’ aversion to space… I remember the first movie, when McCoy was teleported on board and he was grouching up a storm over it).  While I liked Simon Pegg as Scotty, I would have liked a few more scenes with him in it (I guess we’ll have to look towards the sequel for that, eh?).
Wolverine, while a good movie overall – I liked some of the uses of the other mutants: introductions of Gambit and Deadpool among them – felt a little off.  Maybe it was the “character study” nature of the film.  Maybe it was me having to acknowledge creative alterations that have been done within the confines of the films (versus the decades of comics, etc.) that were just a little harder for me to swallow (compared to, say, the reworking of Trek).
Again, don’t get me wrong, both movies were done well, but if I had to see one again (and again, and again), it would be Star Trek, hands down.
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