I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow on the car, and a steady flow of powder falling from the sky. By the time I made it to work, the amount of powder was spotty at best, so no chance of the “weather gremlins” striking like they did a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve almost finished my reading for class tonight… only another 50 pages! I may have to sneak the reading in between calls to chalk another book off my list, but at least I made it to the home stretch. I have also had to go through Amazon in order to get one of the course books that I will need to read for next week. I tried to avoid it, I really did – the campus bookstore has copies on order (that were supposed to be in around 1-21-09). Those copies (as of 2-3-09) had yet to arrive, and I do actually like going into a class somewhat prepared, these days. So, I had to break down and order it, with 2-day shipping, to make sure I can have it in time to read it before next Tuesday. In order to make it work the cost of shipping, I picked up a couple of other items as well (the “Absolute Sandman, Vol. 1” and “Prince of Stories“).

I’ve been mulling over writing a comic/graphic novel, even going so far as getting the “Writing GN for Dummies” type of book (I can’t remember if it’s Dummies, or Idiot’s Guide to… but I got it…)… The hard part, though, is I find it easier to learn from seeing an actual example, and being able to gague length for a work that way. While I had to swallow hard before purchasing, I have been considering the Sandman set for several months. Volume 1 includes the first 20 issues from the series, but the kicker (for me) was the script for issue #19 (which was an award winning issue), as well as the proposal for the series. Both very good things if I want to be able to prepare for a chance to get something into the industry.

The desk remained untouched last night, since it was a class night, and having other things to accomplish (finishing reading for tonight)… It will probably not get tackeld until tomorrow night, when there is no class requirement, and I can ask MC for her opinion as I clear and reset everything.

More calls coming in, and less time to finish (some) reading for tonight… back to the trenches

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