The 2009 Resolutions…

At long last, I am finally getting the chance to post these… I sat down the other night and put them together, and proceeded to get some good-natured grief from MC – “How many of last year’s did you accomplish?” I guessed at about 4-5 out of about 21… “That’s not a good average,” she replied.

As usual, she was right. I looked over the list from last year, and realized that with the life changes (moving, marriage, and taking classes again), some of the other items became moot (like, Christmas shopping by early November – was struck entirely, since we got things on the honeymoon)… On the other hand, some of them started as good ideas, but didn’t have a defined timeline associated…

Without having a detailed timeline, for the moment, here’s the 2009 list – and a shorter one than in years past…

1) Get weight down to between 175-185 (target). [Especially motivating, with a late fall trip already planned for the Carribean.]

2) Read 26-30 “new” books. [I have already gone through and pulled about twenty books, so far, to work on…]

3) (a) Write. The daily routine (500-1000 words per day), with the year’s target being at least: 2 books (50k+ words), 6 short stories/novellas, 2 scripts (long form), and 2 scripts (1 act/short form).

3) (b) Marketing and sending submissions out.

4) Train for the local Biathlon (to be held 5 April 09 – 3 mile run, and 15 mile ride).

5) Get “A”s in my classes.

6) Finish cleaning out at the old house.

7) Travel – like last year, 1-2 “good” trips, just me and MC, with a few weekend jaunts free of any familial obligations. [One is already planned… the previously mentioned “Carribean” trip.]

8) Christmas shopping done by early November. [All of it, hopefully, but unlikely. At least enough to make the traditional “Thanksgiving to Christmas” madness easier to bear.]

9) Send out birthday and anniversary cards, etc. in a timely manner.

10) Work on the photography skills… [Which means, actually, taking a lot of pictures, and carrying a camera around on some of the expeditions… or plan “photo trips”…]

11) Process the Netflix queue – watch 100 movies from the queue.

12) Work on my Wii Fit age (which, I suppose, goes with # 1).

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