Many Happy Returns…

I wanted to say something about a friend of mine, but wanted to make sure it was something that stood alone, instead of just being tacked on to another post.

I have a friend of mine, someone that I have known since starting college (way back in 1994)… We were in Air Force ROTC together, played Magic and D&D together, and even took a couple of non-ROTC classes together… And I was also in a few classes (and in ROTC) with his wife… I consider both of them to be some of the closest people that I have in my life (he was one of the first people I asked to be a groomsman for both my weddings… and when he couldn’t make it to the 2nd – which is something I’m getting to in a moment – I asked her to be involved)… I could list a few other points, but to keep it short: I hold them both in very high regard, and despite our geographic distance, we have always tried to maintain some form of contact since we graduated and went off into the world.

Scott was sent over to Afganistan last year, actually flying over just after the new year started. We spoke on the phone before he left, talking about the area he would be in – in general terms (one of the top 5 “hot zones” at the time, if I recall correctly), and the most sincere thing that I could think to say was, “watch you six”. There were other words involved, but that was the ultimate point that I was trying to get out.

Flash forward almost a year, and Jenn (his wife) is down for the wedding, when she tells me, “Scott will be coming home, Sunday” (the day after the wedding). So, I am taking this chance to publicly say, “Welcome home, Scott.” It’s good to have you back, stateside, and if you need anything – eh-knee-thing!! – don’t hesitate to ask.

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