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2008 – year in Review – 1b (Resolutions)

Since I will be out of the country (and away from an internet connection) at the time the new year rolls in, I decided to start my “End of Year” reviews early. In this installment is a “resolution recap”, to see how well I did… And hints at what my 2009 list may hold…

I wrote them all here, and evaluate the results below…

1) Get my weight down to between 160-175 lbs.
–> Didn’t happen… If anything, I’ve actually gained a couple of pounds. But I have gotten Wii Fit, and MC and I have been walking around our neighborhood (when weather and daylight have permitted). Will I drop it all in the next year? Probably not, but I hope to make a dent…

2) Read between 26-30 new books during the year (meaning – reading a book for the first time)
–> Almost there… I will have 21 cleared within the week – 23 if you include the books started in 2007 and finished in 2008. And with another three weeks left (at this writing), I may still add a couple more to the list. (I’ll pop back and update with the final count after the new year)

3) Return to “Book 1” – the project started in November 2006’s NaNoWriMo. Continue the work, trying to push through to about a 1/2 novel… or about 100-150 pages, and shopping for critiques.
–> Nope… still stalled…

4) Write 8-10 short stories/articles/short scripts.
–> I sort of made this one… I know of four projects that were actually completed, and another couple of snippets that have been started – enough to be substantial, but not enough to be complete…

5) Complete 1st draft of a script idea I’ve been working with (working title: Four Corners)
–> Another “Sort of”… I feel like half of it is written, but once the class was over, the progress stalled.

6) Train to participate in the local Biathlon event (working up to around a 7-minute mile pace for up to five miles, and sustaining a 20mph pace on a bike for an hour).
–> Not so much…

7) Get an “A” in my graduate classes.
–> An “A” and a “B”… and the “B” was the script class for the first two classes. And I got a [ ] in my class this fall (Fiction Writing).

8) Clean, organize and purge my office (and keep it clean)… trust me… it is a bigger deal than one may think…
–> Still not 100%, but it’s better than it was. Moving the entire operation helped, making me have to actually go through things that hadn’t been gone through in quite some time…

9) Clean, organize and purge my attic space… a big undertaking, considering the attic has become one of the “catch-all” storage spaces…
–> Still a work in progress, especially since I don’t want to just move everything from that attic into the new garage…

10) Clean, organize and purge from the guestroom (the other “catch-all” storage space… which has made the room impossible to use for anything else… like, guests!)
–> The move made this much easier. The guest room has mantained managability, and has easily been tidied when people have stayed over.

11) Travel – at least 2 “decent” excursions, and a handful of weekend retreats – with some actually being “alone time” (read: no familial obligations).
–> A week in Vegas, and the pending honeymoon. Most of the other travels did actually include familial visitations, but we tried to find some time for side trips by ourselves… like shopping in Myrtle Beach when we visited some of her family near Wilmington.

12) Develop and maintain a daily writing routine (starting target: 500 words, or about 1 page a day), a regular blogging routine, and weekly postings to “Fictional Echoes”. Travel journals, and daily notes on life.
–> Hit or miss… The output has been sporadic – but the writing has been more plentiful than in years past.

13) Return to the “Call Center” project, aiming to complete a first draft.
–> Not quite, although I did submit the existing work-up for class, with some decent feedback.

14) Send birthday and anniversary cards, and regular emails. Send “Thank You” notes in a timely fashion.
–> Mmmm… stayed close, but missed a few, too…

15) Learn to write a query letter.
–> Not officially, nor has it been practiced.

16) Start building a marketing database/list of possible markets and submission locations – my personal version of a “Writer’s Market” if you will.
–> Started, after getting the 2009 Writer’s Guide, but still in progress.

17) Work on the 2007 NaNo Project – “Fantasy Gilligan” (with or without Chris, but preferably dragging him back into it so he can break out of his non-writing funk).
–> Nope…

18) Work with Ben on the “Player” script project (originally his script idea).
–> Uh-uh..

19) Finish 95% of my Christmas shopping by early November.
–> Doing all of the shopping while on the honeymoon. That was decided early in the year, otherwise things would have been done.

20) Work on my photography skills.
–> Marginally, but will be practicing on the honeymoon.

21) To watch at least 100 “new” films/items from my Netflix queue (which, as I write this, is sitting at almost 500 items – a lot are series collections, but still…).
–> Hmmm… currently at 20, but I plan to make it through a few more before leaving. Will update with the final count…

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2008 – Year in Review, part 1a (Overview)

Since I will be out of the country (and away from an internet connection) at the time the new year rolls in, I decided to start my “End of Year” reviews early. In this installment, I talk about the year in general, while part 1b will touches on the “Resolution Recap”…

Things have been interesting this past year, with a lot of changes happening in the household – the biggest of which is the background event of the year: the wedding. Much of the activity that has happened has had some bearing on the ceremony, and the resulting life together…

We travelled to Vegas in February, but the planning was already done in 2007. By the time we flew out to Vegas, the ball was already rolling on the Honeymoon plans, and things were starting to get ironed out for the wedding venue.

We bought a house… Well, a townhome. Something that has helped (although MC may still not quite fully agree) with my purging of the “extra stuff”. (The process is not complete yet, but it is much, much further along than it was a year ago.)

I started Grad School, and have completed 9 hours/3 classes… about a quarter of the requirements. MC has accepted a new position, which she will be starting after we return from the honeymoon.

We already have some travel plans in place for next year, and I am already looking at my calendar, trying to plan my year out, for productivity’s sake. But more about that in the “2009 Resolutions”.

Speaking of Resolutions… Comingsoon will be the recap post, comparing the hopes for 2008 to the reality…

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