I have finished my semester, just waiting now for the grades to post. Things are in the home stretch, with little more than a week to go until the big day. There is a slight case of nerves, driven mostly from the concern over the RSVPs, and wondering if more people will show than we have accounted for.

I have spent most of the day pre-writing some blog posts… some of the “Year in Review” posts, setting them up so they will pop up while I am away… a few things to help close out 2008.

Meanwhile, the story mill has been doing some generating… I came up with a story idea last night – a sequel to another story that I have been kicking around for a while. A mystery, of sorts, using a serial character… that’s all I’m going to say, for now, but it’s something that I will be kicking around for a while, working out some of the details.

Which reminds me… I may want to go visit a couple of sites for character information & development…. hmmm…

I leave you with this… I have almost hit the big 2-0-0. Almost 200 posts on the books, and I think we’ll break it by the end of 2008!

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