Are drawing to a close… The requirements for the semester have been to submit three stories (and then final revisions for at leat one story)… After last night (when the last of my three stories was discussed in class), all that remains for me now is to edit at least one… but I am thinking about doing two of them.

I am feeling better about where I stand as a fledgling writer, based on some of the feedback that I have gotten… Two of the stories were generally well received, and would only need some minor tweaking. The third, the started portion of novella (as I initially envisioned it), I knew was going to need a lot more work and detail, butthe premise was one that several people would have liked to have more of (or, more pages, to see how the story continues… which I took as a good sign).

I think the second story (the Lovecraftian werewolf story), was the best that I submitteed this semester. There was a student in the class said he didn’t really want to give the copy back, and that I pegged a lot of the Lovecraft style (which, honestly, I have to admit I have not really read any Lovecraft, but I guess I have read enough works that have been influenced by his stories that I could feel things out)… and that felt good.

In class conversation, the instructor made a few comments that I didn’t really hear given to any other works discussed this semester – that he felt it was very close to being publishable. AndI think that is going to be one of my first projects for the beginning of the year – starting to shop the story around [after re-editing the story, and compiling a market list].

Next semester, though, will be another story, as both classes that I will be taking will be more”academic” than “creative”, which will make things all the more fun and enjoyable, but more on those at a later date. And yes, the sarcasm there was intentional.

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