300×30… (Update)

I had mentioned a couple of months ago that I was challenging myself to get 300 pages written by September 30th. At the time, it was a goal that could have been achieved by logging an average of almost three pages per day.

Did I make the goal? Not by a longshot. Did I get anywhere close? Not quite. Did I freezse in terror at the thought of what I was trying to do? Not hardly.

I do not have a specific page count handy, which is both a positive and negative (positive: I’m too concerned with current projects to go back and look the information up; negative: specific information is better than an estimation). With that said, I feel confident with an estimate of about 50 pages, with multiple (mostly) complete works – my “Barchetta” script, and at least two short stories. I say “mostly” because they have been written, but not necessarily edited/revised. I also have a couple of works in progress that I will need to get back to…

So… how have things changed? I am trying to be productive, more frequently. I have revised some of my writing goals (sliding into a “quarter” system, for ease in tracking my progress), and am settling into some form of mental rhythm. I have logged several pages over the last few days working on my “Cthulu” story…

The Quarterly Outlook: I am aiming for 3 short stories (5-10k words +) [flash fiction and short shorts can also be considered, but in a composite formula: multiple falsh/ss = 1 regular story… more for ego than anything else], and one novel length work (50k words +). I am also considering other mid-projects (currently, I want to write 1 shorter script – a 1-act play, or skit – this quarter).

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