Story Update…

Okay… as I previously posted, I have been working on a Cthulu inspired story.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have read absolutely no H.P. Lovecraft. Zero. None. So I know the story probably have several mythological loopholes in that respect. Do I care? Not really. It is going to ultimately be my story, loosely connected to that universe… consider it my way to test the waters.

I have gotten almost all of the story completed at this point (1st draft, at least)… I have one scene that I still want to write for it, an epilogue of sorts, but the core of the story is there. Now comes the proofing and revision process.

Next week is Fall Break, and I am hoping to finish it and submit it before class the following week. Standard formatting, it’s looking like about eleven or twelve pages.

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