Bah, Humbug!

I spent a lot of time away from the house this past weekend. The weather averaged a comfortable mid-60’s, and MC and I were able to get several things accomplished (or, at least started) towards some projects around the house.

Several of our stops (going back into last week) involved going to several big box retailers and home improvement stores. In doing that, my annual ire over the Christmas season has begun!

For those that have not heard me mention this before… I love Christmas, I really do – the chance to spend time with family, to exchange gifts as a representation of the [general] appreciation for those in our lives, and the clouded [dare I say, commercially diluted] message of Christ’s deliverance in a manger.

From a business standpoint, I can understand wanting to push as much “stuff” into the stores, to increase the chance of people buying it, and as a consumer, I am grateful for the chance to spread out the spending over a longer period of time (to minimize the January financial hangover).

There is a part of me, though, that despises Christmas – strictly for the commercial bombardment that has become the norm. I find it annoying to walk into a store (in early October!) and have all of the trees and decorations and other random holiday “stuff” on display. Maybe it’s because I have plenty of stuff from years past, maybe it’s the inner Grinch coming out, maybe it’s knowing that there is more to the holiday than the commercialization offers…

[And, for the record… I am not a Dickensonian Scrooge when it comes to all of the displays… I do still go look at the displays, and push the buttons, like a kid playing with toys… It just bugs me when everything is getting put out this far ahead of the actual holiday… Sometime in November, I can see (and swallow) a lot better than when stuff is going up in September/October…]

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