Remembering Paul Newman

As I was going through my “morning routine”, I read one of the headlines on USA Today that Paul Newman died on Frinday.

I knowthe name, and know the personality (and, yes, I think I have even had some of the dressings at some point over the last few years). Cinematically, though, my experience is sorely lacking. I have seen Cars, in which he voices “Doc” Hudson. His “classic” films, though, no I have not seen them.

Color of Money, with Tom Cruise, is one that I know I have seen (most of, if not all). At the time, I did not realize that it was actually a sequel (of sorts) of another of his films, Hustler, where he played the same pool-shark character. After finding this out (only recently, actually) I am tempted to try to set upa double-feature and watch them both…

I plan on trying to see several of his movies, but based on the commentary I have read, he was a true legend in the business, and well respected for his deeds outside of it as well.

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