Fantasy Football

This is my third season playing Fantasy Football. I have managed to maintain a decent record in all of that time… I haven’t won a “championship”, but neither have I finished last, either. In that time, I have managed to pick up a few pointers to keep the season from going down the toilet.

In addition to the basic “get the best people you can for the positions” (which goes without saying),thereis one other key piece of advice/informationthat needs to be followed: Cover your Bye weeks.

Simply, look for players that can cover the weeks that your “A” team members are not scheduled to play. Also, try to avoid having too many players that will be out in the same week. I say this after “tentatively”* winning my game from this past weekend… my opponent had three of her starting line-up on their “Bye” week, and a fourth player out… and she also has four players on her bench (two on “Bye” weeks, and two that are listed “out”)…

With that said, I will gladly take the win, and chalk it up to a rookie mistake (on the other person’s part). And the season continues…

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