I have been quite surprised at how scarce the Nintendo Wii has been. I have been tinkering with the idea for a few weeks… easily about a month, but easily a bit longer, going back to shortly after Wii-Fit was released. To be perfectly honest, the Wii is the last of the “big systems” that I would have expected to be interested in… I had picked a PS3 as the “next system”, if I ever got around to one.

The more I’ve tinkered with one, though, the cooler the idea that the mechanics of the sytem has become… the controllers are cordless, and designed to be intuitive – based on the game. Like in golf, the controller is held, and swung as if actually playing golf. In Mario Kart, the controller is held and manipulated as if it were the steering wheel. All without cables, allowing for a more interactive environment.

I finally purchased one yesterday… when I contacted a local store they still had five in stock, by the time I arrived, there were only about three on the shelf. It is still in its box, secure in a closet… I want to wait a little while before opening it, not out of relishing the experience, but I want to do something to actually “earn” it… I have several projects in the works, so I want to actually finish something before I try to break out the system…

Of course, there are also lots (lots) of boxes that I still need to go through from the move, so that’s another area that I want to dent before playing… But I have the system, which seemed to be the biggest hurdle out there.

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