In Brief…

First, I have slightly stalled over the last few days… Not for lack of motivation, but for abundance of projects. I have been doing some of my writing while at work, but the last 10 days of the month tend to be a bear (the short version – I have to review about 50 schedules, of differing lenghts and complexity, that are supposed to be posted by the 25th. As I write this, on the 27th, there are still a good half-dozen that have either not been posted, or checked yet. And this gets really tedious, and shoots the writing to hell…)

I have, however, been trying to get some other things accomplished at home as well – namely, I have unpacked about 4-5 boxes from the garage, and done some picture & “stuff” hanging (staged under MC’s direction). I am looking forward to this weekend – trying to finish Neverwhere by Monday (I hope), as well as try to push a lot of words onto a few grains of sand (read: do a lot of writing, and saving, of documents).

I signed up at (in case I haven’t mentioned it before). I loaded up the few books that came to mind (all 70-some of them) but have sooooo many more to try and list, that it is not really an easy thing to do at work… But it’s something I’ll chisel at when I get opportunities at home.

Writing Group A has been going well… and is actually the source of four projects (1 active, and three more pending ideas), and is, initially, the chief motivation for some of my writing… The desire to hold myself accountable, and submit something for each meeting.

Writing Group B was supposed to meet last night, but fell apart due to some citywide issues with plumbing and sanitation… (a long story that I really don’t want to get into, but it was enough to close virtually all of the restaurants for about 36 hours).

Back to the schedules…

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