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Say Goodnight, George, Tim…

I grew up in the 80’s, and my firet exposure to George Carlin was through his acting – not his comedy – from his role as Rufus in the Bill & Ted movies. Later, I would watch (occasionally), a series on Fox (I think) that featured him. But I never really watched a lot of the comedy.

Actually, I think most of the comedy bits of his that I have seen were either from watching an HBO special or two (more like, flipping through channels, and happening to land on a show already in progress).

As I had mentioned earlier, duringthe recounting of the Vegas adventures, I was actually *this* close to going to see Carlin doing a show there… Now, there is a part of me that is sad that I didn’t suck it up and try to go… but how are any of us to know?

I hadn’t posted anything about Tim Russert, honestly because there wasn’t a whole lot for me to say (about like Carlin, actually, but I actually almost saw Carlin, which motivated this whole thing)…

But I can say this… I actually enjoyed watching him relay his thoughts & analysis… Unlike some other people that throw conjecture around, and make claims or predictions, usually just blowing smoke out of some place south of and behing their navels, Russert gave me the feeling that he knew – actually understood the process and knew what would be going on. I didn’t spend long hours watching political analysis, but the few snippets I did watch, usually had him doing the commentary.

It’s actually interesting to me, in a depressing way, to look at how many prominent names are trickling away, and the weird, disconnected, sense of loss that happens – the empathy for the family, but also the greater sadness at the loss of someone that appeared to be living up to their calling.

Both Carlin and Russert have written books (I actually remember Russert making the media tour with his first), and I will try to get to them in time…

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