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General Stuff, and Other Things…

So, I’ve already mentioned that I’m stoked that Boston has won the NBA title… but there are other things going on, too…

I have signed up at GoodReads, after reading about it at Neil Gaiman’s site. I’m not sure how frequently I will be updating it… it would take me a loooooooong time to try and track through all of the books that I have read, and have in the collection to read, but I can definitely see updating for the “Have Read” section as I complete books.

The “script” writing group met last night, and things went well… we each selected a prompt idea to work with for one of our July meetings, and discussed a couple of short stories that were submitted. There is another group that I am going to be checking out late next week (which is why I use the “script” label – as we were all in a script class together).

Have I mentioned that Boston won…. title number 17?

And I have been making some steady progress towards “the 300 club”… which I plan on continuing this afternoon. I’m currently working on a script, inspired by a song that I like… more as an exercise for me, than anything else… I’m not quite sure about it being produced (rights, etc.)… not to mention the length may be a little off… on the shorter side… but it’s something that’s been rattling around (for a while, actually), so I feel it’s best to try and get it out… and I have a really big reason to, now.

Oh, and “the Boston Celtics are once again the world champions.”

On a serious turn… really… Today would be Jenn’s birthday… she would have been 28. I know her mom has really been having a bit of a rough patch for the past week…


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Mission: Accomplished

(I apologize for grainy videos, but that’s part of the downside of YouTube)

It has been 22 years since Boston last handled the spoils of victory…

But last night, the boys in green showed up to play, and swept the series into the history books, and won banner #17 so it can be raised to the rafters. Not only did they win, but they maintained for the entire game, leading at one point by as much as 43 points (ultimately winning by 39).

Yes, I am a Boston fan, and yes, I am happy that they have won the title again…

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