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Farewell John Rutsey

“Who is John Rutsey?” you may ask.

Well, as I have metioned before, I am a Rush fan (the band, not Limbaugh…. gosh, people, come on), and John was part of the band.

“Dude, no he wasn’t. There’s only three guys – Alex, Geddy and Neil.”

Yes, this is true. And to those that only think that, sadly, I must say that they don’t know their Rush history. Rush, like the Beatles (and tons of other bands, I’m sure), had other members before they “made it”, with those other members only being footnotes in the musical history – kids hanging out and playing together, until the right blend managed to form, and be heard by the right people.

John, however, was just a little something more than the usual “band-member-footnote”. He was actually documented, and there is proof of his existance in the band. He was the first drummer, performing on their first album (“Rush”, released in 1974). Just before embarking on the US leg of the tour to support the album, he opted to leave the band for medical reasons. (This is what opened the door for Neil to join the band, and the rest is history)… However, unlike other prominent “documented” (recorded) band changes (The Stones, Chili Peppers, Kiss, etc.), he eventually left the music altogether.

I have sometimes wondered what happened to John in his days since leaving the band, but information was scarce (even Google couldn’t find anything significant). Not that I was looking for any music or anything, but just the curiosity of “Where are they now?”

Sadly, as I was reading over some information at the Rush website today, there was a notice on there (under “News”) about John’s passing – from complications due to diabetes (the reason he left the band in the first place) – last month. It’s not much, and it is soooo behind the power curve, but it was news that led me to reflect. It’s not my favorite album, but it was solid enough, and he did have some very tricky parts on there. I feel for his family, but there is at least a small part of him that will live on…

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300 – update…

I have officially entered the “crunch time” if I want to complete the 300 by 30th… So far, things have been going rather *meh*… not great strides in pages, but I have manged to start work on several different projects (which, I guess, makes things a little easier at the moment… but we shall see how things fare before too long)…

All of the new “works in progress” are just that – new. They may be ideas that I have kicked around for a little while, but they are all being written or worked on for the first time. I have been thinking, though, about how I would need to make my notes, designating the “new” pages, if I wanted to add to existing works (like the aforementioned NaNo projects)….

But I am writing, and that is the important part…

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Smoke on the Water….

There has been a fire burning several counties away, but the smoke has been hangin in the air here for the better part of the last 24 hours. This morning, as I was walking into work I had the feeling that I should have a bag of marshmallows, or climbing out of a tent and sleeping bag, instead of going into work.

The haze has been crazy, too, making what would normally be clear, bright and sunny days, and taking the edge off of them. Along with the haze, though, has been the smell of smoke. The smell has been glorious, stirring images of camping and hanging out from my days as a teen, but it has been playing hell with allergies and sinuses.

It has also led me to some concern (remote, but still), about a few peopl that I used to know from the county where the fires have been. We haven’t talked in years (in part because it was a roommate situation that went south), but I do hope they aren’t… um, I’ll avoid an obvious dark pun here and just hope they aren’t impacted by the fires…

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