May the Fourth…

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Anyway, on with the matter at hand.

Wizards has released D&D 4th Edition, and I am torn, not badly, mind you, but just enough. I think it’s great that they have continued to keep the game alive and well, and have developed new ways to keep it interesting.

There’s the “formerly active” gaming geek in me that wants to go out and get the new books, and add them to my library of gaming stuff, then there is the intelligent part of my brain that screams out, pointing at the label “formerly active”, citing that it has been at least five years since I have even been to a gaming session, and (*gasp*) about ten since I have actually played in one.

I “came of age” playing 2nd edition, not really by the established rules, and sometimes messing things up – but it was fun. I suppose that if I do actually get back into “real” gaming, I will probably pick them up… but for now, I will be keeping all of my 2nd edition stuff on the shelf… remeniscing of my days with “The Company of the Black Blade”, my alter ego leaning back, like Elminster, saying, “Let me tell you about the time we faced a group of Frost Giants…”

I do, however plan on at least looking through them on one of my next trips to Barnes & Noble, or the local gaming shop.

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