Ahh… Finally!

Back from a brief hiatus – mostly work induced, although things at the house have been a bit interesting as well.

Saw Indiana Jones on opening night. Like Harrison Ford said, “It’s a good yarn.” It was okay, as a story goes, but proably the weakest of the series.

In other movies, I am looking forward to Iron Man (if it’s still out?), Hulk, Caspian (if it’s still out, too? – but I need to watch Wardrobe, first)… and there are several others that look like they may be interesting to see… but I also have a full Netflix queue to work through (and more stuff that I want to add to it… aargh!)

I finally finished Brief History of the Dead. Moving and finishing up classes had been sapping a lot of my “reading time”. Very cool premise, initally. It was very well written, but the ending was a little bit of a bummer (read: sad ending). I have now switched gears back to Gaiman, and Neverwhere. and the first half of the year is almost over.

As I mentioned “classes”, I got an “A” and a “B”, which I may have mentioned before… if not, there you go.

A spin-off of the Script class I had been taking, though, is that I have started a writing group (read: I asked if anyone was interested in still getting together after the semester ended). The initial premise is as a script writing “support group”, but we also do other forms as well (mostly fiction, but to each their own). The initial membership is drawn from the Script class, and are some of the folks that thought still getting together would be good. But, it is a start, and starting is the important part!

I am planning on taking a “Fiction Writing” course in the fall (re-taking is a more accurate phrasing, since I have, technically, taken the course before – but with a different instructor, and as an undergrad), and I am nervous, but looking forward to it.

But, I have a lot of things kicking around, ideas that are in various stages. I actually wrote a short story yesterday – the first one I had tried writing in years (everything else has been leaning towards much longer).

Something I am wanting to add to my list if “things” is a collection of works by the end of the summer. Short stories, novels-in-progress, and scripts-in-progress – screen, maybe a graphic novel (or two), and I want to try some stage plays and skits. Completed works would be better, but I would rather splinter some of my efforts a little, and have several things going at one time. I just need to refocus on keeping a “calendar” to help keep me on task.

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