Spider’s Lament

Earlier this week, my work computer ended up about three degrees short of fried. After some form of update happened over the weekend, things started snowballing to the point where the system had to be “re-imaged”. Yes, basically wiped and reinstalled.

All of my “personal” information – bookmarks, files, etc. were saved, but some of the “less obvious” information was lost. One of those “less obvious” items was my Spider record.

Yes. J.K. Rowling had her Minesweeper addiciton, and I have Spider Solitare. I don’t play it too often, usually either when I am t-totally bored, and have absolutely nothing else that I really want or need to do… or in the moments when it wouldn’t be too productive for me to try and start something, only to have to quit before completing it.

But I have played it enough (usually on Easy, although I have played some on Medium) to have played over 1,000 games (yes, while at work… but over an almost 2 year window) and ended with about an 81% win rate. So, I have started the count over, and will continue the quest…

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