Making the Grade

The semester has finally ended, and the grades have been posted. As the dust settles, I can see two grades on the horizon… They are emerging like the heroes from an action film, cosmetically bruised and bloodied, but otherwise fine despite all of the other events that have transpired.

I have officially passed my first two Graduate classes. I got an “A” in my Special Studies in Film course (focus: controversial film & literature – the source of several of the movies that I have “recently watched” over the last few months).

I also got a “B” in the Script Writing class. On one hand, I am a little bummed out by the “B” – I wanted to get “A”s (as was noted in my Resolutions), but I am also realistic. I didn’t actually complete my script, not did I do any revisions for the segments that I have completed. I also went through about a month of no writing, which directly impacted my final page count – I could have easily gotten almost 100 pages, had I done about 10 pages per week during those “off” weeks. On the same side, it was the first time I actually tried my hands at writing a script, so getting a “B” was a realistic expectation.

But the semester is over, and life is continuing… and (as can be told by the deluge of posts) I am getting some “pent up items” well under way. Oh, and for the record, I am able to retake the Script class up to three times, for credit, as a graduate student. I do plan on taking it again, and I do anticipate getting an “A” in the future.

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