Age and Wonder…

[originally started on 3/10/08]
Or, “How I Reflect on Age Across Blogposts…” Now that I have cleared the 200 post mark…

I have done it, albeit slowly, and with a lot of bumps along the way. I have finally crossed the 200 post threshold. I remember when I first crossed the 100 post mark, and I was very excited – I had been posting at least once per day, while I was at work, and was doing quite well.

The first 100 too me about 5 months to hit. The second hundred, over a year, and I am about 2 months into the third hundred (with four to five posts currently sitting as “drafts”, like this one had been, until now).

With the first 100, I still had the enthusiasm and naivety of a beginner. Not that I am not still enthused about doing this – I am – but I am not strictly concerned with random posts. I am not trying to surf the web looking for things to comment on (as easy as it may be) – I don’t really have the time to do that at the moment (but I might actually increase that, now that I am a bit more comfortable letting the words flow out).

But I’ve changed. I am still looking at things in terms of post count, but that’s too narrow. That’s a quantifiable way to measure things, but it’s the writing progress that matter a bit more to me now. The quality, over the quantity, so to speak.

The only way to improve as a writer is to actually write. And I think I have come a long way since I started posting regularly. I hope it doesn’t take me another year to finish this third 100 posts, but the time won’t really matter, as long as the level of writing (the flow and feel) get better.

However, here’s to crossing the 200 mark (even if I am about two months late)!

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