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Guest Blogging… redux

[originally written on 3/20/08]
As I mentioned earlier, I am writing a couple of posts… “guest blogging” over at the Pillars

It is going to be a series of posts, and the first one is already live. The others will be coming soon. I plan on “recycling” this post (changing the date, to keep it “current”) as I update the links (in the event I post a LOT of other things between the updates).

Here is Part I.

Here is Part II.

Here is Part III.

And here, I will be going back to work.

[edit on 3/27/08]: I have finished parts two and three, and am waiting for Ebeth to have a chance to generate her posting of them before I update the links. There will likely also be two more in the series, which will be updated/completed soon.

[edit on 3/28/08]: The link to Part II is complete.

[edit on 4/9/08]: The link to Part III is complete. There will be, potentially, two more installments, which are currently in the works.

[edit on 5/7/08]: The links for Parts II and III have been removed. It’s a long story for another post, but I will be reposting all parts here, when I get them completed…

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