General Tso’s Chicken

OK, so there really is going to be no discussion of Chinese food beyond this point. I started thinking about “General Update”, but is sounded to easy, and the rest of the title chirped up and begged to be typed… so it is.

I have (mostly) gotten over the writing lull that I was in. It’s amazing what can happen when one actually sits, and commits to working for a specific duration! My sister-in-law had a “girl’s only” “unbirthday party” (for her birthday, but long past the date) last Friday night, which MC was invited to. They made pottery for about an hour and a half at a downtown art gallery, and generally had a good time. While they were “claying” around, I had my laptop and sat at a little bistro/tea shop/bookshop. I managed to push out about five “new” pages for my script.

In the grand scheme, this brings me just over the 30 page mark. For those keeping score, that is about half of what I need to complete by the end of the semester. For those really keeping score, you should know that I would really rather have the entire script near finished… or at least well beyond the base 65 pages that is required.

Of course, the beauty in all of the scripting issues – I have now been exposed to the form, and am (basically) more comfortable in terms of exploring some of my other ideas that I have been thinking about.

Of course, there are other issues at play, as well. Namely, papers. I have two papers due at the end of the semester – a short five-pager for my script class, and a 15-pager for my film class.

I have started drawing my lines in the sand… more to the point, I have retreated to my treehouse, and started closing the door to those that do not know the password. With all of my Easter commitments completed, I am tryingto focus on my academics – I would like to continue in Grad School. That is something that any grade less than a “B” would greatly hinder.

I have been taking a lot of “campus/professional development” courses as well, which has dipped into some of my regular time (at work) that I would be trying to work on my other projects.

And in other news: I have made a dent in my attic, working with my sister-in-law to go through some of Jenn’s things – most of which were things that had originally come from their parent’s house when THEY were trying to clean up their house years ago. There were a few things that I kept from some of the boxes, but most of it I gave back to them. Steph (SiL) was actually able to get some of HER things back, that had been attributed to the wrong daughter, or that Jenn had ended up with.

And, of course, that begets some of the whole “sick double therapy”. It feels good to be getting things out of the house – letting “things” go that have been sitting there for years, untouched and nearly forgotten (thought of only as “those boxes in the attic”, not for the stuff inside them). But it is also saddening to be letting go. It’s money spent, memories made, and snapshots of a former time. It’s the signs of a life that has been lived. It’s a way for memories to be remembered.

I know I am talking a bit about Jenn’s stuff, but I go through it with my own stuff, too. That’s part of why I end up with so much crap, that I have to actively focus on a project, and weigh things out – have I used it/worn it/thought about it/looked for it anytime in the last X time frame? Do I anticipate using it/wearing it/needing it in the forseeable future? What is the relative cost associated with it – could it be easily replaced?

Ah, well. I need to get back to work… I have three other script sections to work through (read/critique) for class tonight. And I have to talk to someone about some stuff at lunch, from which I will be going to a “campus training session” this afternoon. Packed schedules are fun.

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