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Blogging Issues

Where I talk about inconsistencies, timing, and a little bit of hypocrisy…

When I grow up, I want to be a writer. Really and truly, a full fledged, profitable writer. It’s something that I started kicking around (actively) back in middle school… but I think I had some interest before then. I have, however, been a bad student of the trade. I have not actively pursued writing (stories, poems, etc.), despite getting a degree concentration in Creative Writing.

Which is where this tangent comes in. I am frustrated. Partially with myself, and partly with “the system”. Maybe it’s because I am spoiled by some of my “daily routines.” But the point is this: A writer writes. Damn near every day, even if it’s something brief. And if they don’t (or can’t), they make a comment about it.

So, I am frustrated. First off, with myself – sort of. When I resurrected this blog in late 2006 (more like “actually started using it”, but I digress) I tried to make sure I at least posted something on it, during the work week at least. I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of things put up on the weekend, so I wrote it off. And that is still the case. But the discipline to at least put that something down…. that it’s almost there…. I think about it all of the time but get sidetracked when it comes time to act… that’s where I am frustrated.

The other points of frustration, which has more to do with the fact that I know some of the people that I am now going to describe. I have some friends that are writerly types. A couple that have actually written a lot (but no mainstream publishing credits), and a couple more that want to write, but don’t arrange the time to. We all work, we all have a ton of other things that we would rather be doing, or that seem more fulfilling, or that just plain have to be done. But to be a writer is to write… something…

So the frustration point here is: blogs that are stagnant. Back in the days of personal webpages (I’m thinking 10 years ago, or so), having to write the information and then code the same information, I can understand random updates. Today, with “mobile blogging” features, and so many different places that people have sites hosted, there really is no excuse.

I used to be someone wholiked the idea of writing, but I never really focused on it. Over the last couple of years, though, it has slowly started working at me… a slow torment, or tease – like an excited lover constantly calling at me from the bed. I’m constantly seeing things – not real things, but opportunities for stories to be written. And I am reading outside my “type”. Growing up, I was pretty much just a SF/Fantasy reader, but now I am a lot more broad (in case my “reading list” isn’t obvious of that).

While I am guilty of the “sporadic updates”, I do try to write. As I complete this, which actually started as a thought about three weeks ago, I know there is a bit of hypocrisy to my words. I used to be a “muse” writer – having brief flashes, when “inspired by the muse”. After years of hearing/reading it from others, I have reached my own conclusion: That style is bullshit. Writing is work. The muse is a high-class whore, walking the streets, waiting for someone willing to pay the price for her services. The “inspirations” are just that – a kiss, a glance, a wisp of perfume that makes a man excited. But she’s only interested someone that is willing to be tantric, to keep the relationship slow and passionate, eventually leading to multiple payoffs before needing a rest.

Find time to write. Don’t wait for inspiration – it will never come. The more you write, the better the payoff, and the easier it is to lure the muse your way.

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Bugs Suck

I started this thread back in early March (the 10th), after actually having to leave work one day, and eventually having to miss another day, thanks to being sick.

Personally, my genetics have been very good through my life (for which I am thankful) – I rarely get much more than allergies, or sinus issues (usually thanks to weather changes). As it was, on these two fateful days, I really had to think back to the last time I actually missed work due to being sick. Really sick. And I had to think back a long time.

And being sick sucks. Beyond that, I don’t really recall where I was going with this when I started it… but I started it, and now it is finished.

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