In Brief…

Unless one prefers boxers… but that’s another discussion, best not served here!

I still have six or seven “draft” posts, of things I’ve wanted to comment on, but have not fleshed out, waiting to be updated. Las Vegas notes, as well as other items… They will be coming, but first I need to get through the next week. Until then, here are a couple of items for today.

1) I have learned that Spring Break is relatively useless. I planned only a few things for the recent academic break, and really only accomplished one of them. I still need to log many (many) pages for my script. I have only managed about a page since going to Vegas, which helps to validate another writing point: Write a little bit, every day.
Once involved in a project, it’s easier to trudge along until there is a draft completed, than to restart after a lull.

2) I am “unofficially” blowing off the rereading of A Clockwork Orange (for now). Key here is rereading. I have read it before, so I am not overly concerned with trying to reread it before class next Monday… Too many other things going on over the next five days to try and go through the book.

3) On a sad note, while going through my “daily routine”, I discovered that Arthur C. Clarke has died. For those NOT familiar with him, you may be aware of (at least, peripherally) of one of his creations: 2001: A Space Odyssey. Personally, I have only read (to date) Childhood’s End, but I have friends that have read most of his works. As far as SF goes, Clarke ranks as one of the authors at the front of the early development of the genre – right there with Asimov and Heinlein. At least, in my views of SF. Others may argue the finer points, but he was a pioneer.

Back to work, now… I have a chunk of 10 pages that I have written (a month ago), but I want to flesh it out to around 20-30 pages before I submit it… and I want (nay, need) to submit it by this weekend… Soooooo…..

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