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Guest Blogging…

I have been asked, recently, to write a couple of “guest posts” over a EBeth’s Pillars. When I get then composed, I will be double posting them here (or, at least a link to the same post, at her site).

I am in the process of converting to Catholicism, and she asked me to comment about the process, and my personal journey, since we are fully in the Lenten season, and Easter is only a little over a week away.

So, keep your eyes peeled… it will be a slight series of posts, maybe two or three (if I can abridge that much)… A sort of “before and after” idea.

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Funny or Die…


MC and I got tickets to the “Will Farrel’s Funny or Die tour, sponsored by Semi-Pro”, when it was coming to the UNC-Chapel Hill stop, back in February. We were kinda excited to go, but I think we were also a bit nervous, not quite sure how the presentation was going to be. Was it going to be straight stand-up, skits, a combination?

We tried to take off right out of work, but were delayed. We stopped on the way out to Chapel Hill (in Zebulon) for a quick bite, and ended up getting to the Dean SMith Center at almost 8:30… amazingly, the show had not started yet.

Of the four personalities listed on the bill, I only recognized two names (and that was only after looking them up).

Zach Galafianakis and Demetri Martin were both “ok”, but here it is a month later the only things I can clearly remember are these: Interesting use of music in the routine, but it’s mostly one-liners.

Will Farrell, actually only did a couple of skit related pieces, as filler between the other performers. He opened the evening wearing a Duke sweatshirt, and let the crowd “boo” for a few moments before peeling it off in favor of a UNC shirt he was wearing underneath. Mildly amusing. He did a “jazzie” bit (motorized wheelchair) that started off ok, but ended up running too long. To me, the best bit he did was when he came out as Ron Burgundy, and interviewed UNC Basketball coach Roy Williams.

The best sequence, honestly, the only stand-up segment that felt like a fully coherent, well written piece, came from Nick Swardson – placed in between the other two stand-ups in the evening. MC and I still giggle a little about a couple of items from his routine.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad evening, but we both felt as if we got a whole lot more out of the Wayne Brady show when we were in Vegas….

What’s that? A Vegas reference…? Honest, yes, I have the posts started, and I am working to try and catch up… they ARE coming… soon, I hope… but they are coming…

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