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In Which I Submit an Email…

MC & I have talked about moving, and one of the places we have talked about it England. Why? Because it would be different, and a chance for some grand adventuring. As an Undergrad, I had thought about / looked into trying to do a Study Abroad (studying in another country for a semester). Unfortunately, either due to other commitments (ROTC), or my own stupidity (too much debt to be able to survive without having some form of income besides financial aid), I eventually had to give up on the idea.

However, in talking with MC, some of those old interests came flooding back, and I decided to start looking into things again. Since anything I had previously looked at was as a student and no longer would apply, really (student visas, and waivers to get work as a student, etc.), I decided to start poking around the internet.

Also, while I did feel a bit sheepish some twenty to thirty minutes after sending an email to someone famous, who has done something similar (moving to the US from England), it was too late to retract it.

While I honestly did not really expect an answer (at least, not a personal one by any means), I still figured it would be worth a shot. Low and behold, I was tickled when I checked the blog for said famous person, and saw the contents of my email in one of his posts. And, for anyone that may be interested, you can read it here (you just need to scroll down on the post to find it).

It’s a point in the right direction, which is all I was asking, and I do think that was one of the sites I may have looked at in the afternoon searches, just after sending the message. But, hurrah! It was just cool to see the response in his blog… (Can you tell I’m still a little tickled?)

Well… back to the grindstone…

Oh, and in case you haven’t quite read the post labels (below), or followed to read the response, the famous person that I asked about moving was Mr. Neil Gaiman himself…

I actually had read nothing of his until discovering the blog a little over a year ago, but had name recognition of Sandman from years ago. But I am working my way to (and through) some of the fiction (I have Neverwhere and Smoke and Mirrors), but the more of the blog I read, as a means of picking up a familiarity with some of his style – word flow, at least – I have the other books on my list to get. I also recently picked up The Eternals graphic novel, as I have started rekindling some of my youth (comics), and have thought about comics or graphic novels as another venue I want to try writing for.

[Edit: I originally wrote this post on 4 March, with the intention of catching up on some OTHER posts before making ut live. Um, yeah. That didn’t work, so here is the post, now.]

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