Notes about Grad School

I finished Huck Finn yesterday, the first of my three “new reads” for one of my classes. The language took some time to get used to – mostly from trying to actually recognize the words based on how things were written down in dialect. No, I have never read the book, and I am actually fighting the urge to write some of this post in that style…

Was the book good? Overall, I would say yes, but I am reading it about 140 years after it was first published, so I have the benefit of time and other experiences to bring to the table. Would I have read it, without having to do so for a class? Probably not, but now that I have, I might consider going further into some of Twain’s works. Maybe…

I’ve also broken (I think) the 20 page mark in my script. Yeah, me! Still going along, and to me the most important thing is to actually complete something each week to submit. There are several members of the class that have yet to actually post any additional portions of their scripts. And we need to have about 65 pages (or a complete script, whichever comes first) for the end of the semester. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I am aiming more for the “complete script” – which I am hoping I can develop things to be about 100-120 pages (roughly the right length for a 2 hour movie).

But, I am also not writing “linearly”, I’m writing in scenes and segments, so I am writing, then having to piece it together in the “master script”. More fun for me in the long run, but it’s what’s working for the productivity, so I’m sticking to it… at least for this form. Not quite sure how this approach would work with a work of (traditional) literature, unless there was some sort of outline (but even then, I think it would become really difficult).

But for now, I am reviewing and critiquing the few items that have come in from this weekend, from other students in the class. Yee-haw.

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