Happy Days

Well, still working towards my 10 pages that will be due on Tuesday night, as well as awaiting my “textbooks” (funny thing is, I already had half of the “required” books anyway… and some of them I had gotten years ago for other classes or reasons…)… So my weekend will be filled with working on cleaning the house, and writing.

And reading. On the “fun” side of things, I am one short chapter away from finishing Babylon, and between reading my textbooks, I am going to try and make a concerted effort to push into my “other readings” – especially trying to work my way through Lodger.

The news that makes me really happy today, though, is that the dates for the 2008 leg of the extended Snakes and Arrows tour has been announced. The closest date will be in Charlotte near the end of the tour (unless I decide to go to DC… no thanks). There is also news of a live CD in the works, which I am currently guessing would be from the original 2007 tour… of course there is also rumor of a concert DVD project as well, which really starts my year of right!

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