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Or, should I say “Macbooks”? I was looking at the Apple site earlier today, and they had a message stating, “Check back for big news, coming out later today.” And I did. This is just too cool. A super thin notebook, that is practically wireless. Sweet.

The only immediate catch to the device is ports & drives. There is only one (1) USB port, which is easily solved with a hub, if there is that much of a need for multiple external devices at one time, and there is no optical drive. It would have to be an external drive.

But, the cool thing about that problem is that the external drive can either be directly wired (using the USB port), or through a (wireless) network connection to another computer. Yes, I said using another computer’s optical drive. For installing software as well.

As I said, though, if there is “multiple device juggling”, the one USB port is going to get old, or it’s going to get a port. Personally, I know it would get a little problematic for me if I am doing a lot of stuff on my iPod. I have an external hard drive that I keep my media on (over 80GB in music, over 200GB if you include everything else – podcasts, shows from iTunes, etc.). Or printing. But, I imagine I can get around some elements that those problems could incur – especially the iTunes issue. Have a small library, a “travelling” library that lives on the laptop, and the “master” library on a home computer.

But that is me thinking way ahead of myself. The $1800 price tag (with $99 for the external optical drive) is enough for me to not rush out and get one yet, but it has earned a spot on my “cool list of things to check out and consider in the future”.

A side note. One of the items that they rolled out at the same time is a new feature through the iTunes store: movie rentals. That, they say, is another reason why they don’t have issues removing the optical drive. Instead of carrying around DVDs, you can just rent movies from iTunes, and carry them on the computer. Once they are watched (as often as desired, within 24 hours of starting the movie), or after 30 days, whichever comes first, they disappear. But at $3 a pop… that’s part of why I quit renting movies.

The cost gets to be crazy after a while, and difficult to justify. $3 for what basically amounts to a single viewing. Now, I have Netflix. Yes, it technically runs about the same cost per movie, the potential is there for it to, very easily, be less – should I lock myself away for a time and watch a lot of discs. But there are no late fees which, with busy schedules, can get tacked on fairly quickly. All Netflix has to do is get the “View on Demand” compatible with the Mac OS, and things will be truly great with the Macbook Air.

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