Returning to the Classroom

Classes started (for me) last night. There is a line from a song in Avenue Q, aptly titled “I Wish I Could Go Back To College” that goes: “But if I were to go back to college/… I’d walk through the quad/ and think, “Oh my God…”/ “These kids are so much younger than me.”

As I sat in class last night and briefly glanced around at the rest of the students, I would guess that the average age would be around 22 or 23 – a full eight years younger than me. During a break, I walked down the hall and passed a couple of rooms. One, a corner room along the outside of the building was labeled “Do not leave room unattended. Lock door when not in use.” And I remember when it was actually used as a classroom. I remember sitting in there for Intro to Fiction Writing, and in a similar room on the other side of the building for Intro to Poetry Writing.

I was looking at buildings as I passed, thinking about the classes I had, and remembering the buildings before rennovations were done (adding elevators in some, adding wings in others). I have walked around campus before, but this is the first time since Spring 2003 that I’ve walked as a student.

Talk about “old” feelings…

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