Wiggling Along…

Hmmm… I’m not quite sure how to take this. I have recently been told that I look like one of the guys from the kid’s show “The Wiggles”. And what makes this really funny, is that I was told that I look like the Yellow one.

Now, here is the back story to explain the humor. Mary Catherine’s favorite color is yellow. Funny point 1. Funny point 2 takes a bit more to explain, and here we go:

I fully believe in the possibilities available in what is commonly classified as “Metaphysics”, but never really knew where to start in terms of asking educated questions. Nor did I really have anyone in my social circle that I could talk to about it (other than “getting feelings” but nothing in terms of specificity). With that being said, I have come to learn that everyone has an aura surrounding them and that each aura has a color (or combination), depending on the person’s mood, thoughts, etc.

The primary color of my aura: Yellow (with a little bit of green). Hence, funny point #2.

Random, I know, but hey…

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