In swing…

2008 is now a week old, and I just got all of my “In Review” posts finished. It has been an interesting week, with a dent already being started in both my “Movies” resolution, and the “Cleaning & Purging” goals.

Dents, mind you. They are a long way from being anywhere close to being done.

Now, for other updates. I have re-registered for classes, and will be taking not 1, but 2 courses. Yes, I said re-registered. I finally got my admission status resolved, and registered for the Scriptwriting class just before the “pay us or we’ll cancel your classes” deadline. Well, I got cancelled. At the same thime, however, there were other schedules that were cancelled as well, freeing up some seats in another class that I was interested in. So, it all worked out. Now, I’m just waiting for the tuition waiver to kick in. Huzzah! Now I just have to work on cleaning my office a bit more, so I can get myself ready for classes.

Also, I have finished one of the two “hold-over” titles from the reading list (2 guesses which one…) and have started a fresh stack of titles at the same time.

I’m steadily working my way through a pretty heavily recycled “To Do” list… a few things that have been pending for a few days that I want to get finished… So I’m off..

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