2008 – Resolutions

I did this a year ago, and listed some of my “public” New Year’s Resolutions. The ones that I don’t mind the world seeing, commenting on, or being the recipients of. Now, again (like last year), these are in no particular order.

1) Get my weight down to between 160-175 lbs.

2) Read between 26-30 new books during the year (meaning – reading a book for the first time)

3) Return to “Book 1” – the project started in November 2006’s NaNoWriMo. Continue the work, trying to push through to about a 1/2 novel… or about 100-150 pages, and shopping for critiques.

4) Write 8-10 short stories/articles/short scripts.

5) Complete 1st draft of a script idea I’ve been working with (working title: Four Corners)

6) Train to participate in the local Biathlon event (working up to around a 7-minute mile pace for up to five miles, and sustaining a 20mph pace on a bike for an hour).

7) Get an “A” in my graduate classes.

8) Clean, organize and purge my office (and keep it clean)… trust me… it is a bigger deal than one may think…

9) Clean, organize and purge my attic space… a big undertaking, considering the attic has become one of the “catch-all” storage spaces…

10) Clean, organize and purge from the guestroom (the other “catch-all” storage space… which has made the room impossible to use for anything else… like, guests!)

11) Travel – at least 2 “decent” excursions, and a handful of weekend retreats – with some actually being “alone time” (read: no familial obligations).

12) Develop and maintain a daily writing routine (starting target: 500 words, or about 1 page a day), a regular blogging routine, and weekly postings to “Fictional Echoes”. Travel journals, and daily notes on life.

13) Return to the “Call Center” project, aiming to complete a first draft.

14) Send birthday and anniversary cards, and regular emails. Send “Thank You” notes in a timely fashion.

15) Learn to write a query letter.

16) Start building a marketing database/list of possible markets and submission locations – my personal version of a “Writer’s Market” if you will.

17) Work on the 2007 NaNo Project – “Fantasy Gilligan” (with or without Chris, but preferably dragging him back into it so he can break out of his non-writing funk).

18) Work with Ben on the “Player” script project (originally his script idea).

19) Finish 95% of my Christmas shopping by early November.

20) Work on my photography skills.

21) To watch at least 100 “new” films/items from my Netflix queue (which, as I write this, is sitting at almost 500 items – a lot are series collections, but still…).

I think I’ll cut it off here, as we are now a week into the new year… adding anything else would start seeming silly… Now, the question rolls to, “How many can I actually work on during the year…?”

I think it’s time to find out…

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