2007 – Year in Review, pt. 1

There are two segments for this post… a recap of my 2007 resolutions, and a personal look back at where I was, going into 2007, and where I am now that 2008 is here.

Here’s the recap for my 2007 Year’s Resolutions:

1) Get my weight down to between 160-175 lbs. Nope. Still sitting around 200lbs, but I do have a membership to the campus Rec Center, and have done some working out.

2) Read between 26-30 new books during the year (meaning – reading a book for the first time). Close – I completed 18, and almost finished 2 more.

3) Finish “Book 1” – the current project started in November’s NaNoWriMo. Nope, nowhere close. Haven’t actually even looked at it.

4) Write 8-10 short stories/articles. Again, not quite. I started some story work, and have done some prompts under “Fictional Echoes”, but have not actually developed anything more substantial than a few scenes.

5) Complete 1st draft of a script idea I’ve been working with (working title: Four Corners). Nope, but I have done some thought crafting – reworking the original idea I had for it. I will also be taking a script writing class in Spring 2008, so I plan on trying to work on a lot of it then.

6) Compete in a 1/2 marathon (there’s one that I’m looking at that’s scheduled for the fall in Virginia Beach…). Nowhere close, but I did start training, with the intention of participating in a biathlon and a 5k.

7) Learn three (3) songs on bass guitar (to be able to play through completely)… (By default, one of them is going to be “Lady Madonna” by the Beatles, as I have already started on it… the other two are still undeclared at the moment). Still on the burner. I would still like to, but I would rather work on and refine my writing, than trying to start learning something relatively new. I would like to eventually get paid for writing, but I don’t think I am at the point where music can pay my bills.

8) Clean my office (and keep it clean)… trust me… it is a bigger deal than one may think… I had it almost there, and it blew up again.

9) Clean & Organize my attic space… a big undertaking, considering the attic has become one of the “catch-all” storage spaces… Still a “catch-all”, and now I am more in the mindset of purging, instead of just organizing.

10) Clean & Organize our guestroom (our other “catch-all” storage space… which has made the room impossible to use for anything else… like, guests!) Again, still a “catch-all”, and also shifting more towards a a purge mentality.

As for the personal reflections, all I can say is that it has been a very wild year…

* At this time a year ago, I was married, and still waiting out my probationary period with my job so I can start doing other things. This year, I am widowed, firmly entrenched in the job, and getting ready to start graduate school.

* At this time a year ago, I was married to a wonderful woman (Jenn), and looking forward to a happy future. This year, I am dating another wonderful woman (Mary Catherine), looking forward to a happy future, with an edge of trying to do more things “in the moment” instead of solely planning on the future.

* At this time a year ago, I was driving an Explorer as my primary vehicle. This year, it’s a Mini.
* At this time a year ago, I was lazily interested in cleaning house. This year, it’s bordering on being a solid spot on my agenda.

* At this time a year ago, I was interested in writing. This year, I am actually starting out with more of a desire – of wanting to sit, ponder, and log hours staring at a computer screen – to practice and home the craft.

* At this time a year ago, I was just starting to “get out” (work in restaurants for a couple of years, and you’ll know what I mean). This year, I have already done quite a bit more “getting out” in 2007, and am planning on maintaining the trend in 2008 – I already have a big trip to Vegas planned in February.

* At this time a year ago, I was happy. And despite all of the waves, all of the peaks and valleys and the emotional dessert I’ve had to go through, I am still in a position to be happy. Rather “zen”, I know, but that’s just where I am at.

It’s fine to reflect on and enjoy the past, and wonderful to ponder the joys of the future, but it’s this moment that we have to live in, and what we do with the collection of moments that will define us.

With that said, there are some things “from the past” that deserve some other thoughts… like books and movies… But those are subjects for other posts…

  1. #1 by Ebeth on January 9, 2008 - 15:01

    …..and at this time last year, I had lots of friends, at present I have even more friends and I have even inspired a few to think about their goals and aspirations as writers, thinkers, and capabilities.Thanks friend….writing is something that I have always wanted to do, but this year with the blog and everything, it may be closer than I think.HugsEbeth

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