‘Tis the season…

For blah? I’m not quite sure what it is, but I’ve been a bit out of it for a couple of weeks – and no, I don’t really think it is too much of the obvious! I haven’t been emotionally “out of it” – that funk of being bleary eyed, mentally numb (or oblivious) to anything more than essential items. It’s been more of a mental and creative funk. Not that the hamsters are on vacation, but because they are dealing with everything else that seems to be going on right now.

For example: It’s the holiday season, and (thankfully) all of my major shopping has been done for some time. Now, I’m just tweaking the existing hordes with any last minute items, and wrapping the straglers to have them ready for Christmas day. On top of that, there are all of the social commitments that have been storming onto the calendar, demanding equal representation (or preparation), and all at different locations. And beyond the social, there is all of the self-imposed personal projects that are clamboring for attention (“I’ve heard stories of there being a floor in the office… I really should try some excavation work and see if it’s true.”)

The catch here, is that my “creative” hamsters get caught up trying to run with everything else, they get fried when it comes time to write anything more than a few lines a day – if I can stop long enough to do even that.

I do think that I’m going to start preparing for the inevitable “New Year’s Resolutions” posts (both a “Year in Review”, and a recap for 2007), which is going to be a very interesting thing – especially if I do any detailed recapping of books and movies.

Right… I think it’s time to start some notes… And this business would be so much easier if I actually brought a notebook with me…

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