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A Story of 300

Wil Wheaton has a story about 300, and it can be found here… But here’s the short version…

Once upon a time, there was a man who used to focus on acting. Over time, the thrill of acting became less important to this person, as he started exploring some of his other talents, one of which was writing. He published two books, but when it came time for his third, he decided to do something a bit special.

The third book was designed as a softcover, but for his “something special” he prepared a treat – a limited hardcover edition, to be personally signed and numbered. The limited run would be limited to 300 copies.

OK… so why do I write that? Because I can… it’s my site… hah! More to the point, because while I had pondered getting the book (planned on it, actually, I felt like waiting until the hardbacks were made available), I just wanted to wait and see if I could get a hardback.

And I did… I know, I rock. And now, it’s time for something completely different.

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Dork does NaNo…

Another good one… and the month is drawing to a close. There is yet time for a few more… but I digress…

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