So this is how this blog rates. Now, I bring you this bit with a grain of salt. I was pointed to this by Ebeth’s posting about her scoring. I’ve checked the grading against a few other sites, so I am taking this with a huge grain of salt – and here’s why.

There are several blogs that I regularly hit – two of which belong to published authors (Wil Wheaton, and Neil Gaiman). Here’s the salt…

When I ran the site against Wil Wheaton’s blog, this is what I got.

But when I ran it against Neil Gaiman’s site, I got two different results. The first test was based on Neil’s main site… and got this rating:

But when I ran the check specifically against his online journal, I got this result:

Now, I am curious as to the scanning method that is used to arrive at the rankings. I find it mildly amusing that two published authors, both of whom have been writing their blogs for many years, can pull in an “Elementary” ranking… Really makes me wonder…

Try the scoring site yourself with some of your favorite sites. Now, if you’ll excuse me, all of this salt is making me parched. Time for a margarita!

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