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So this is how this blog rates. Now, I bring you this bit with a grain of salt. I was pointed to this by Ebeth’s posting about her scoring. I’ve checked the grading against a few other sites, so I am taking this with a huge grain of salt – and here’s why.

There are several blogs that I regularly hit – two of which belong to published authors (Wil Wheaton, and Neil Gaiman). Here’s the salt…

When I ran the site against Wil Wheaton’s blog, this is what I got.

But when I ran it against Neil Gaiman’s site, I got two different results. The first test was based on Neil’s main site… and got this rating:

But when I ran the check specifically against his online journal, I got this result:

Now, I am curious as to the scanning method that is used to arrive at the rankings. I find it mildly amusing that two published authors, both of whom have been writing their blogs for many years, can pull in an “Elementary” ranking… Really makes me wonder…

Try the scoring site yourself with some of your favorite sites. Now, if you’ll excuse me, all of this salt is making me parched. Time for a margarita!

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Nostalgia has been a recurring theme lately. It’s not really an intentional thing… I didn’t intend to go that route. Like some random things in life, it just happened. And it will probably be a recurring theme for some time as I go through the stuff in the house.

It’s a packrat’s nature (and yes, for the record, I do have severe packrat tendencies). Maybe it’s the long memory for useless information, maybe it’s making hyper-sensitive emotional connections to things, and the circumstances and events involved with them… remembering the first time I read a particular book, or who gave me a certain item and when, or the trips that another item was involved in (read: souveniers).

Maybe I’ll post a few reflections online as I go though the stuff, but that could take some time…

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Comics… Online

Okay, so my inner childhood geek could be getting very happy. While I was going through my daily routine this morning, I followed a few references that led me to this: Marvel Comics are bringing their archives online. Now, it doesn’t look like all of the titles are going to be going live (at least, no time soon) – they are mainly sticking to bringing the biggest guns out first.

Like famous first episodes from the beginning of the fmaous series (Spideman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc.) – you don’t get much bigger than those. Years ago, when I actively collected comics and consulting price guides, some of those were considered some of the Holy Grails for a collector, easily fetching price tags over $1,000 in good condition.

I’ve scanned some of the initial offerings, and many of the series that are listed are newer lines, or related to popular/famous characters. There are some “classics” (read: short, niche runs, or lines that rights have since been sold to other publishers) that I would love to have access to, to actually follow the entire series… like Transformers, GI Joe, Forgotten Realms – ones that hold a significant portion of my youth with them (not from reading the comics, per se, but my other interests as a kid as well).

I have picked up some graphic novel versions from the new publishers (for Transformers & GI Joe), and while I like the stories, and the art is incredibly sharper than the issues I grew up with, I grew up with them coming from Marvel.

Now, here’s part of my dilema… there are only a few lines that I can see sinking into (at the moment) from Marvel… at least, there are holes in the lines (hey, it IS a new service, so it can’t be to perfect off the bat, right?). Second, the only real time I can see myself spending a lot of time reading would be while at work (hehehe, but not that great of an environment). Third, there are other series and publisher lines I would like to see as well (Image’s Spawn and WildCATS, to name a few)…

But the writer in me would love to explore the site, to explore the lines as “research” for possible techniques… how to build a story for a comic format.

But the options are there… to ponder the possibilities… to Marvel at the past, present, and possible future…

(Corny, I know, but I couldn’t resist…)

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