Size Does Matter…

When it comes to driving. My primary car had been an Explorer (Sport)… My wife’s car was a Blazer. Both are SUV’s, both automatics on the column. I have been driving my truck for eight years, prior to getting the Mini this summer.

The Mini is a manual (is there REALLY any other way to do a Mini justice?).

The issue of size hadn’t really been a major thought for me until this past weekend, when I was taking things to the dump in the Explorer. I climbed in after loading the trash in the back – a few tubs of papers and random trash that had been collected over a few weeks. This was the first time I was actually driving it in well over a month (although I had cranked it, I just hadn’t gone anywhere…), and I actually said, “Holy crap this is different.” There was just so much more space, and a bulkier feel that I had forgotten in the passion of motoring.

I have driven other vehicles inthe last couple of months, but this was the only time that it really felt weird… like musicians that have spent so much time with their instrument that when they step away from it for an extended time, it feels different to them when they pick it back up… Or a suit of clothes that hadn’t been worn in a long time.

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