NBA Fever

Wow… I was going through some things this weekend (part of the wonderful purging process, courtesy of acquiring and holding on to so much crap – there really is no other way to put it. Mind you the stuff I am now calling crap was important to me at one point in time… just not anymore, but I digress…) and discovered some of the old videos I had recorded.

No, nothing kinky or weird like that – things I had recorded off of TV (Yes, I had access at one time to HBO & Showtime, and no, these were still are not things like that…). At one point in time, I was an NBA junkie. Not a major “had-to-watch-every-game-and-quote-every-stat” type junkie, but I was goober enough to record the draft, to record the all-star weekend, and record some games (I actually think I had recorded the Boston playoff game where Reggie Lewis collapsed…). I had even created a small library of official NBA videos (Superstars, Jam Session, etc.).

Many of the dubbed tapes (drafts, etc.) I hadn’t even put into a player in well over 10 years. As I tossed the tapes this weekend (the dubbed ones… the “official” tapes might be able to get me a few bucks), I felt the twang of emotional chords. I felt the mixed joy of cleaning house and letting things go, and the slight pain of realizing that I was letting part of my past go.

I haven’t watched much in the way of any pro games in quite some time (a few minutes in passing, but I don’t obsess over the calendar), and the only stats that I really pay attention to is just enough of the standings to see how teams are doing (Go Celtics!), or skimming over the draft recap for a day or two after, just to see how the picks went down.

I used to be able to know who was playing (from collecting cards – by the box, not by the pack), now I only know the high-profile players – but I can’t really even tell you what team they are with anymore…

I’m rambling here, but the point is this: geez, I have a lot of random crap to go through… no wonder it’s going to take me a while to get through my stuff!

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