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Size Does Matter…

When it comes to driving. My primary car had been an Explorer (Sport)… My wife’s car was a Blazer. Both are SUV’s, both automatics on the column. I have been driving my truck for eight years, prior to getting the Mini this summer.

The Mini is a manual (is there REALLY any other way to do a Mini justice?).

The issue of size hadn’t really been a major thought for me until this past weekend, when I was taking things to the dump in the Explorer. I climbed in after loading the trash in the back – a few tubs of papers and random trash that had been collected over a few weeks. This was the first time I was actually driving it in well over a month (although I had cranked it, I just hadn’t gone anywhere…), and I actually said, “Holy crap this is different.” There was just so much more space, and a bulkier feel that I had forgotten in the passion of motoring.

I have driven other vehicles inthe last couple of months, but this was the only time that it really felt weird… like musicians that have spent so much time with their instrument that when they step away from it for an extended time, it feels different to them when they pick it back up… Or a suit of clothes that hadn’t been worn in a long time.

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NBA Fever

Wow… I was going through some things this weekend (part of the wonderful purging process, courtesy of acquiring and holding on to so much crap – there really is no other way to put it. Mind you the stuff I am now calling crap was important to me at one point in time… just not anymore, but I digress…) and discovered some of the old videos I had recorded.

No, nothing kinky or weird like that – things I had recorded off of TV (Yes, I had access at one time to HBO & Showtime, and no, these were still are not things like that…). At one point in time, I was an NBA junkie. Not a major “had-to-watch-every-game-and-quote-every-stat” type junkie, but I was goober enough to record the draft, to record the all-star weekend, and record some games (I actually think I had recorded the Boston playoff game where Reggie Lewis collapsed…). I had even created a small library of official NBA videos (Superstars, Jam Session, etc.).

Many of the dubbed tapes (drafts, etc.) I hadn’t even put into a player in well over 10 years. As I tossed the tapes this weekend (the dubbed ones… the “official” tapes might be able to get me a few bucks), I felt the twang of emotional chords. I felt the mixed joy of cleaning house and letting things go, and the slight pain of realizing that I was letting part of my past go.

I haven’t watched much in the way of any pro games in quite some time (a few minutes in passing, but I don’t obsess over the calendar), and the only stats that I really pay attention to is just enough of the standings to see how teams are doing (Go Celtics!), or skimming over the draft recap for a day or two after, just to see how the picks went down.

I used to be able to know who was playing (from collecting cards – by the box, not by the pack), now I only know the high-profile players – but I can’t really even tell you what team they are with anymore…

I’m rambling here, but the point is this: geez, I have a lot of random crap to go through… no wonder it’s going to take me a while to get through my stuff!

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Another Comic…

Yet another NaNo strip from the folks at Dork Tower… Sometimes it’s great to be a geek, just to get how subtle some comedy can be… Especially since we have a twisted sense of humor anyway…

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