Stupid People…

There really is no other way that I can think to say this: Stupid people piss me off. Let me clarify – people that should know better (read: adults) that just have no business breeding, because they lack certain skills – like courtesy.

I had a call, where I was having difficulty hearing the caller (background noise on their end – it’s amazing how many people don’t think to turn a radio or TV volume down when they are on the phone…). They asked for “Family Practice”.

“Family Medicine, ma’am?” I replied, wanting to make sure I heard them correctly.

“Family Practice,” she replied, and I just felt that arrogant air of, “No… I didn’t say ‘Family Medicine’, I said ‘Family Practice’.” Most callers have simply taken it in stride, and said some form of, “Yes,” but without any form of attitude. The background noise was still blaring through the headset.

“That’s what I said, ma’am. Family Medicine.” Yes, I was being a little bit of a smart-ass, I will grant that, but it was feeding off of what I was getting. And I had a feeling that I was dealing with a stupid person, but I tried to still make things sound as pleasant as I could. “Hold on one moment while I connect you.”

We have a feature where we can connect the call through, but still listen on the line. Thihs is used mostly when there is a call-box or option box set up for a particular location. You know, the friendly sort that always prompt, “For this, press #1, now. For that, press #2, now. For the other, please press #3, stay on the line.”

I patched her through, allowing her the chance to hear the options. While the computer is sqwaking away, she (like so many others) is just having a conversation – and she’s giving me crap. “‘That’s what I said, Family Medicine’. Why don’t you just connect me,” she said, apparantly talking to a friend, the background noise still quite present. “Lord, Jesus, now I din’t hear what she [the voice prompts] said.”

Now, what I really wanted to do, was pop onto the line, and tell her, as politely as I could manage, “Look, bitch, if you would turn down the sound system so I could hear you clearly in the first place, or if you paid enough attention in the second place, you wouldn’t have to show your ignorance on a recorded phone line.”

And it’s a Monday… but the stupid people (as plentiful as they may be – at least, in the distilled population that I get through my call hub) will not win the week… they’ll just piss me off enough throughout the day that I’ll get a good enough laugh at their expense.

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