Take Heed…

“…The tale of Sweeny Todd… The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.”

And so opens the show. Last night, Melissa R., Mary Catherine and I went to a campus production of Sweeny Todd. I was loosely familiar with the story, but had never seen the show – and for the record, it’s a musical (which I did know). Now, there is a movie version coming out this Christmas season (directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp).

But here is a more accurate telling of the events that led to the show – I heard there was the movie coming out, then go a flyer promoting the campus production (through the music/opera department, not the Theatre department!). So, we went to the campus show to prepare for the movie (and yes, as a pseudo-Theatre geek, I was paying attention to the staging and effects). While the cast was very good, we we also trying to put other faces in the roles – those of the cast in the coming movie.

So here’s my plug… it’s not a “family movie”, but I’ll be going to see it… You can go here to check out the “official” movie site.. and here are a couple of the trailers (courtesy of youtube, again…)

The Original Movie Trailer:

The Second Movie Trailer:

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