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How Profound…

Growing up as a kid in the 80’s, back when TNG was new on the air (I actually remember catching the end of “Farpoint” from it’s original airing), I was just geek enough to want to be in the shoes of “Wesley Crusher” – having adventures in space, and exploring the Enterprise. For years, I thought the HoloDeck was one of the coolest things, but I digress…

After seeing some of his other projects, notably Stand By Me but I also like him in Liar’s Club… and I have several other of his projects in my Netflix queue, I actually liked him as an actor. But TNG ended it’s run, and some of his projects didn’t get the same promotion as things like TNG and Stand by Me… and unlike some of his other co-stars, he wasn’t being plastered in the tabloids.

The fact that he’s only a couple of years (four, actually) than me makes it easier to relate and like the guy as well… but really, most of that comes from discovering his blog a few years ago. One day, I think I had watched and episode of TNG, or caught part of Stand by Me, and I started wondering what he had been up to… as I said, some of his projects didn’t get the same sort of press as those other two got. I hopped on the wonderful web (this was somewhen in 2001 or 2002, I think), and did a search, and discovered an earlier incarnation of his blog.

I lost track of it for a while, thanks to a hellatious work schedule for a couple of years, but eventually went back to look up the site… A lot had changed (as far as the site goes), but the rest of it was easy enough to roll with. He has a new book out, so I went back and got his other two… but here’s where it get’s interesting, and where I got the idea for the title…

In yesterday’s post, I commented on this post from Neil Gaiman. Not much more than an hour later (although, it may be relative to West Coast time), Wil Wheaton posted this… a much more poetic version of what I was thinking… but he has two (non-fiction) books written, and has been blogging for years, so compared to him I am still quite the noob.

I guess great minds think alike… even those that have never met.


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