A Reminder About Vices… and a few others…

I get it… I REALLY need to stay away from a Barnes & Nobles for, like, at least a year… maybe longer. “But,” the litte red-clad voice whispers, “what about the other series that you will want to continue. Grafton’s books, and the McCourt’s, and the others that you’ve sampled and know you will want to visit the rest of their cannon?” Will, I actually pull of the self-imposed exile, I doubt it. I enjoy roaming too much, and know too many other people that will want to go… I just need to curb the reading of so many covers to helb curb the “library purchases”.

During another recent trip, this time with my parent-in-laws, I got a few more works… authors I had heard about, but not yet read, and some others that just looked interesting. Here’s the list:

All Will Be Revealed – Robert Anthony Siegel
Season of the Witch – Natasha Mostert
The Russian Concubine – Kate Furnivall
McCarthy’s Bar – Pete McCarthy (A travel memoir about Ireland)
Another Day in the Frontal Lobe – Katrina Firlik (written by a Neurosurgeon)
The Piano Tuner – Daniel Mason
Atonement; On Chesil Beach – Ian McEwan

Of the list, Ian McEwan was the only name I really recognized before the purchase, and I selected the two books for a simple reason – Atonement won a lot of awards, and Chesil Beach was his newest work. The rest were all based on the reading of the covers.

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